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CHAMP Mouthguards will be providing you with the opportunity to obtain a custom-fitted mouthguard professionally fitted via a mobile service by a qualified dental professional.


ProCHAMP - double layered custom made mouthguard.
EliteCHAMP - triple layered custom made mouthguard which offers the maximum protection available.
Please note should you have private health insurance, you may be eligible to process a rebate yourself once paid invoice has been issued via email following payment being made. The rebate will vary depending on your level of cover and can be checked by contacting your health insurance provider and quoting item number 151 (mouthguard) and our provider number:
(Ersin Osman Yasar) Provider No:493732QF

To register your interest, please complete this online form. Online form must be submitted prior to the fitting date to secure your booking.

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